Found the perfect fit on a pair of trousers? New dress shorter than you thought it’d be? Good or bad, we want to hear what you think about our products. How? Reviews.

Reviews are an important tool we use. They let our buying and design teams know where improvements need to be made, help other customers decide if pieces are right for them and only take a few minutes to write.


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How to write a review.

Within a few days of receiving your order, you’ll be sent an email asking you to review your purchase(s) or
alternatively, you can head straight to the item’s page. Here are a few tips for writing a great one.

Focus on the Product.

Keep your review relevant to the product rather than the price or delivery service.

Pros and Cons.

Highlight the features you liked or what you think could be improved.

Short and Sweet.

Make sure your review is brief and easy to understand.

Protect Your Privacy.

Avoid any personal info about you or anyone else - so no mother’s maiden names.