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Apparel sandblasting involves projecting fine sand with compressed air to create a worn look on denim and other products. Sandblasting can be extremely damaging to the health of workers if proper safeguards are not followed and can lead to a disabling and potentially fatal lung disease called silicosis. For this reason Oasis and Warehouse have banned the use of sandblasting on any of the brands’ products.

Following research of our supply base, we found that sandblasting is not used. Nevertheless, to ensure the practice is not used in the future, we have taken the step to ban all forms of sandblasting. The ban includes, but is not limited to: aluminium oxide, aluminium silicate, silicon carbide, copper slag, garnet for abrasive blasting and any other abrasive substance. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring the ban is followed both within their own operations and within subcontracting units too.

Alternative methods to sandblasting should only be used where there are no negative effects on workers’ health.

All agents, suppliers and factories must sign our declaration to state that they comply with this policy. Approved subcontractors must be informed of this policy and also sign the declaration.