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As a fashion brand, we’re conscious of the social and environmental impact our industry has on the world and are responsible for managing our own.


These documents are our commitment to working with integrity and transparency in every aspect of our business, continually adapting and proactively managing our brand’s impact and policies.

We strive to diligently protect the people who make and sell our clothing. Through continued partnership, we work to ensure all Warehouse employees receive safe and legal working conditions, a living wage and equal opportunity.

Code of Conduct.

We believe that all workers must be treated with dignity, respect and fairness and that the environment must not be harmed in the manufacture of our products. This policy is a pledge to uphold and implement these beliefs by working in partnership with our suppliers. One of the ways we do this is through a rigorous audit programme using both internal and third-party auditors.

Read our Code of Conduct here.

Gender Pay Gap Report.

Warehouse employs 994 people in England, Wales and Scotland. As a women’s fashion brand, most applicants who apply to work with Warehouse are female, and as such, we have a predominantly female workforce. We are also proud that all our leadership team is female.

Read the full 2017 report here. Read the full 2018 report here.

Forced Labour and Human Trafficking Policy.

Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. This policy is intended to prevent the wilful or unintended use of forced, compulsory, bonded or trafficked labour within Warehouse’s operations and supply chain.

Read the full policy here.

The Modern Slavery Act.

As a brand which sources and trades globally, we support the Modern Slavery Act. We’re fully committed to providing everyone who works for us – either directly or indirectly - with legal and safe working conditions.

Read the full statement here.

Cotton Sourcing Policy.

Due to ongoing concerns of forced labour and, in some cases, child labour, Warehouse has banned the use of cotton fibre and fabric from both Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. We continue to work with our suppliers to ensure they can trace the raw material to the country of origin and to confirm that it is not from either of these countries.

Read the full policy here.

Sandblasting Policy.

Sandblasting, a process involving projecting fine sand with compressed air to create a worn look on clothing, can it be extremely damaging to the health of workers if proper safeguards are not followed. As such, it is banned from use on any Warehouse products.

Read the full policy here.

We continue to carefully consider the materials and production processes used in our products, respecting animals and the natural world in their creation.

Animal Welfare Policy.

We believe in good animal welfare standards and have sought advice from both the RSPCA and PETA when setting out our Animal Welfare Policy. Our policy sets out standards including no animal testing, real fur, angora yarn, use of endangered species or cruel treatment towards animals. Any leathers or skins used in our products must be a by-product of the meat industry, and we have banned mohair, down and exotic skins from all our products.

Read the full policy here.

Chemical Policy.

We are committed to the protection of workers in our supply chain, customers and the environment from risks posed by hazardous chemicals. We require our suppliers to have chemical management procedures in place, including testing and records to support compliance with global standards. We audit factories to ensure they comply with local, environmental laws.

Read the full policy here.

Responsible growth comes only when a company trades ethically, is upfront about its business proceedings and prioritises the data security of its customers, applicants and employees.

Tax Strategy.

We are dedicated to following all applicable laws and regulations relating to our global tax activities as well as maintaining an open and honest relationship with all tax authorities. This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate.

Read the full policy here.

Candidate Privacy Notice.

We comply with data protection laws and principles. This means if you apply to work with us, your data will be kept safe and used in a fair, transparent way. This Privacy Notice contains how and why your personal data will be used as well as how long it will usually be retained for.

Read the full notice here.