What are cookies?

Websites use small files called cookies to store information about your computer use. A cookie is created by a web page server and is set and retained and can help interaction between you and a website faster and easier as they remember who you are and the last time you came to the website. This information includes things like websites you have previously visited, searches you have made, and which products you are interested in. This information is then used to serve you more relevant information based on your shopping preferences. It means you get a richer experience when using your computer to browse and shop websites.

We use cookies to tell us what you have put in your basket and also what other kind of products you may be interested in based on what you have previously bought or viewed, we also use third party cookies in order to offer size recommendations through Rakuten Fits Me. You probably already have your cookies enabled on your computer but you are within your rights to switch this off.

There are two different types of cookies - the ones we use on warehouse.co.uk (called first party cookies) and the ones companies we work with use (we call these third party cookies). To shop on warehouse.co.uk you need to have your first party cookies enabled although you can browse. You can disable your third party cookies and still shop on warehouse.co.uk.

Many websites won't be able to function properly without access to cookies and rest assured cookies do not hold personal information about you, your payment details or your address. They are based on your computer usage and are commonly used in online marketing activity.

For more detailed information about cookies please go to www.aboutcookies.org.