We love the blue stuff (denim) here at Warehouse so when people misuse it we’re understandably saddened. See celeb’s crimes against denim here and be ashamed at how many of these ‘trend’ you’ve adopted (we’re all of us guilty)…


Mom Jeans - Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Source: Jennifermathieu.wordpress.com

TAT was the poster-girl of the ‘90s as all-American teen dream Kelly Kapowski in Saved by the Bell; she was also wearer of some serious Mom jeans! Note the doodles on her thigh – and easy DIY for you to try at home.


Mariah Carey

Source: Blastro.com

Do you remember that episode of MTV Cribs where Mariah got into a bath fully-clothed? She’s clearly mental; however, she did spark a trend for cutting the waistband off your jeans which a quick straw-poll in the Warehouse office revealed was very popular indeed.


Britney Spears Jeans

Source: Britney.com

Brit Brit has never really been a style icon (you know it’s true) but her Louisiana trailer-trash look reached new heights, or lows depending on your viewpoint, when she walked out the door in this ensemble. Her midriff is a thing of wonder but we don’t want to see quite that much of it.


Farrah Fawcett Jeans

Source: Nzgirl.co.nz

All American girl Farrah likes her denim jeans like she likes her barnet – with an extreme flick at the ends. Those bellbottoms are all kinds of ‘70s wrong.


Brooke Shields Jeans

Source: Thestyleking.com

Beautiful Brooke, oh you with the eyebrows that have launched a thousand fashion editorials, your jeans are so ‘mom’ and not in a good way… that boot-cut. Those boots!


Jennifer Lopez Jeans

Source: Redbookmag.com

It is a cardinal sin to bad mouth Jennifer ‘JLo’ Lopez in the Warehouse office but, and it’s a very big BUTT (snigger), those jeans! Her posterior is looking lovely but those diamantés, whilst sparkly, are one rhinestone away from being on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Which crime against denim is your favourite? Or least favourite? We’re so overwhelmed by the many fashion faux pas!