Return of the Rudeboy at Somerset House is a multimedia exhibition celebrating the resurgence of the ‘Rudeboy’. Characterised by a natty 1940s-inspired style and often suited and booted in suits, hats and ties. The Rudeboy originates from the Ska scene in Jamaica and the style was adopted by British youths in the late ‘70s and ‘80s during the ‘Lovers Rock’ period in UK reggae music (ask your Dad).

The exhibition curators, photographer and film-maker Dean Chalkley and creative director Harris Elliot, have picked up of the burgeoning movement of retro Rudeboys and photographed them in glorious Technicolor as well as delving into the roots and tradition of this totally dapper style.

Return of the Rudeboy - Somerset

Warning; the photographs and the people in them will make you feel distinctly under-dressed, under-groomed and basically a big old mess. They will however inspire you to embrace tailoring, say ‘yes’ to hats and adopt some of that Rude Boy swagger. Definitely worth a visit.

Somerset house, Strand, WC2R 1LA

Opening hours daily 10am – 6pm

Admission FREE